Once you hit your teen years, your body starts to change overall. This is when the growth becomes rapid, and the development begins due to the various hormonal changes.


Puberty hits when the brain triggers the production of sex hormones. However, it is essential to note that every kid has their own pace for growth and inevitable changes. As for the females, puberty hits them before it does to the males. 


For most females, the puberty process begins at the age of 11. For the males, it happens somewhere at the age of 14 (or it could be earlier as well). Remember, it is normal for teenagers, especially girls. 


Watching your body go through such changes can be a nerve-wracking experience since it’s all too much to process. In addition, it is entirely normal to be curious about what is going on and what role hormones play. 


In this article, we will primarily focus on the breast development of females during puberty, the main issues that are faced, the various sizes that heavily depend on the hormones, and some of the best ways to take care of your body while it’s in a transitioning phase. 


So let’s get started!


Breast Development during Puberty


For females, the age of puberty starts around the age of 11. However, some women start it quite late, usually between middle school and high school. 


Normal breast development happens during all of a woman’s life. However, there is a natural increase in the hormone known as estrogen during puberty. This hormone is responsible for the profound changes throughout the body, including the breasts. 


Throughout the entire puberty stage, a teenager has many changes throughout the body, and the growth of breasts in females is quite prominent among them all. 


Whatever the case is, it is crucial to be aware of each of the stages and signs to note any issues beforehand and avoid complications shortly. 


Some FAQs Regarding Breast Development during Puberty 


It is common to be interested in a topic like “breast development” and thus have specific questions about breast development during your puberty stage. 


Henceforth, we have tried to answer some typical questions that most teenagers would want to know to feed their curiosity. 


Is it painful when breasts grow?  


Yes. Breasts do hurt when they are in a growing phase since breasts grow in response to the hormones such as estrogen and progesterone; as you hit puberty, the intensity of these hormones increases. 


Hormones can also change the amount of fluid in your breasts, making you sensitive and prone to certain pain levels. In addition, life changes such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause can also bring a wave of change in your hormones. 


What are the red lines that form? 


As the breast size grows due to the hormonal changes, the surrounding skin has to stretch to compensate for the increasing altitude. 


At times, the skin doesn’t seem to stretch fast, causing the middle layer of tissue to tear slightly. These tears cause red stretch marks to appear. This is a recurring issue; hence it shouldn’t pose a severe problem. 


As of now, there are countless medicines and creams available at different pharmacies to help with this problem. Such creams reduce the red marks over time, leaving straight white lines that aren’t that visible. 


If you have tried the creams and notice zero improvements, it would be better to consult the doctor and seek medical attention immediately. 


Can breasts be of different sizes? 


It’s normal for each girl’s breast to be of different sizes and grow at different rates. Even after both the breasts are fully developed, there could be a size difference. Generally, there is rarely a health issue regarding unequal breast size, even if the difference is of almost a cup size. 


Though uneven breasts are not something that comes into notice, it might shake some women’s confidence. Hence, they could opt for padded bras as they would be a better option. 


Breast Development Stages during Puberty 


The development of the breasts comes in stages during periods. The following stages are what breast development will look like: 


First Stage: During the first stage of childhood, the breasts of a female are flat. 


Second Stage: This stage is also known as the puberty stage. Puberty can start in girls as early as eight years and as late as 13 years. When the production of estrogen begins, it results in the breasts growing. This is also when the milk ducts grow. Once you start ovulating and having a menstrual cycle, the milk ducts will form secretary glands. 


Third Stage: The breast enlargement stage is when the breasts become rounder in shape. The nipples may also grow slightly in this stage, and the areola darkens.  


Fourth Stage: This stage is about menopause. Women usually experience menopause at the age of 50 and above. During this stage, the body doesn’t produce as much estrogen, affecting the breasts. This will cause the breasts to sag and lose their elasticity. 


Signs of Breast Development


There will be specific signals and signs that your body might give if your breasts are about to go into formation. A few of them are listed down below:


  • The appearance of small lumps under your nipples. 
  • Discomfort and itchiness around the chest area and nipples. 
  • Constant backaches. 
  • Soreness and tenderness in the areas of your nipples. 


You’ll see these symptoms and signs once you hit puberty and witness your breast development. 


How to Choose the Right Bra 


If you feel your nipples have started poking out of your shirt or are too visible to all those around you, it might be time to go for some bra shopping. 


You might want to go for training bras first. These bras are made of soft cotton without cups, making them easy to wear. Then, once your breasts have developed further, you might want to get a bra that will keep your breasts in place but would be comfortable. 


Underwire bras are not recommended since they are uncomfortable and might worsen the pain. Ensure that whatever bra you are choosing should fit you well. A tight bra would restrict the blood circulation in the area, and a loose bra would make you look uncomfortable and weird. 




Puberty is for sure a significant change in one’s life. It brings along many physical, emotional, and mental changes that might be overwhelming for some individuals. 


Once you have hit puberty, you should know that your hormones will cause massive changes as their intensity increases with time. You might see changes such as breast development, acne, wider hips, and a prominent waistline. 


Though puberty isn’t an alarming healthcare situation, there might be some problems. It would be best if you didn’t ignore some signs of breast development, such as constant pain and tenderness. If it doesn’t seem to get better, it would be best to reach out for professional medical help immediately.