Being a new mom can be super challenging yet a joyous ride. You’ll enjoy most of the moments playing with the little being in your hands, they’ll do lots of things to make you laugh, and you’ll love all the coos and cuddles. In fact, most parents even forget about all the worries that made them go crazy all day!

Despite all the good stuff, there will be times when you’ll feel exhausted and frustrated. But that’s normal. It happens because taking care of your baby can keep you in loops. You may be sleep deprived – cleaning unexpected poops, soothing babies to make the cries stop, and feeding them every two to four hours.

But imagine.

You are out in a mall or a park, and all of a sudden, you hear a freaking crying voice. Everyone starts staring at you (some in an annoying way), and you get to discover that you’re the one carrying that little person in your hands. Plus, you don’t even have the stuff to feed, clean poop, change diapers, or toys to make it stop crying. 

Awful, isn’t it?

So to be a good mom for your child, you must prepare yourself for such scenarios. The classic and straightforward solution to this situation is getting a bag with lots of pockets and stocking it with essentials for a baby. And, a bit for yourself too!

Now, you must be wondering which must-have stuff to keep in the bag for a baby and yourself. But don’t worry, we have prepared a perfect essentials checklist for the diaper bag just for you! 

Diaper Bag Checklist


diaper bag


A diaper bag checklist will help you keep yourself prepared to manage the baby crisis – even if you are stuck in heavy traffic or away from home for long hours.

So, let’s unroll the checklist to check out the essentials!

Diaper Bag Essentials

Let’s look into the must-have items which you must consider putting in your child’s bag:

  • Changing Pads – Keep multiple changing pads just to be safe and avoid the hassle of cleaning it if your baby does something to it while changing the diapers.

  • Wipes – Keep a travel pack of wipes as they come in super handy for cleaning multiple stuff – wiping your hands, baby’s bum, changing pads, etc.

  • Baby Ointments Or Rash Cream – It’s better to keep your baby’s skin moist to keep it healthy and fresh. Plus, the newborn’s skin at times is sensitive.

  • Changing Clothes – To keep your baby clean while you are out, just keep two or more changing clothes. As your baby’s clothes might get dirty while changing the diapers or during their feed time. 

  • Pacifiers – Keep a clean pacifier to soothe your baby and use it when needed

  • Baby Washcloths – You never know when you might need to clean a baby’s skin with washcloths. So just to be on the safe side, keep multiple washcloths.

  • Baby Food – Either you are carrying the infant formula, pumped breast milk, or any other baby food. You must keep them while travelling to feed them when hungry. Also, make sure to prepare fresh food, so it doesn’t get worse while travelling. Most importantly, don’t forget to get some water in a bottle and light snacks (if your toddler is a bit older).

  • Band-Aids – Even a baby might end up having a scratch. So it’s better to be prepared for it and treat it on the spot to avoid skin infections and the baby’s painful cries.

Seasonal Items To Keep

Considering the summer and winter weathers, you should keep a:

  • Hat – To shade your baby from the sunlight. Or a woollen hat to keep the baby’s head warm and safe from the cold breeze.

  • Baby Sunscreen – If you are travelling in the summers, apply sunscreen cream on your baby’s skin if they are older than six months to protect them from sunlight.

  • Light Blanket – This can be super useful in any of the seasons to keep your baby under some shade or to protect them from the winter breeze while you are out somewhere.

Additional Stuff To Consider

As for the extra stuff, you should keep:

  • Toys – It’ll help to keep your baby pleasantly occupied. Attach them to your baby diaper bag’s straps- otherwise, you’ll never know where your baby lost the toy.

  • Nail Clippers – If you have an energetic baby who doesn’t sit still at home all day but sleeps whenever you take them out. Then it would be best if you consider keeping nail clippers, so you don’t miss the opportunity to clip their nails perfectly and with less struggle.

  • Wrap Or Sling – If you are on the way to a place that isn’t stroller-friendly, then a sling or wrap would come in handy for such sites.

Mommy Essentials


mother holding a baby and a diaper bag


Looking to ditch your handbag for a bit while taking care of your baby? Don’t forget to leave home without:

  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • A magazine or book
  • Sunglasses
  • A bottle of water, juice, or any other drink
  • Gum or snacks
  • An extra shirt – just in case your baby spills or spits up
  • Fully charged mobile phone 
  • A power bank in case your mobile’s battery runs out
  • A hand sanitiser to keep yourself germs-free before and after you feed your baby or change their diaper

Summing Up

To make your life easy as a new parent, you must prepare and stock diaper bag essentials. It will help you manage the baby-related situation even if you are away from home and travelling somewhere. 

The critical point is to keep all the stuff in the bag that you use when you are at home with the baby. This approach really helps you think of the items that you must-have for your baby when travelling with them.

However, it also depends on your personal preferences and the age of your toddler. But this checklist can definitely help you avoid missing the essential things to pack for your baby and yourself!