Winter is that time of year that most people await. It is when the days are short and the nights are long. The cozy beds, fluffy blankets, and the chilly air are heavily enjoyed – not to forget the adored warm drinks. However, winter is harsh weather that has its cons too. Chapped lips, flaky skin, and dry weather overall are huge problems, especially for brides who get married this season. Therefore you must have some tips to counterattack such issues. 

Adequate care is required to stay in a good state throughout the winters. With a few changes in your daily routine, and some tips and techniques, you can remain moist, hydrated, and glowing throughout the freezing weather. One must understand that your body needs to be taken care of overall and shouldn’t be neglected. However, we will be majorly focusing on hair and skin.

Now, without further ado, let’s discuss the magic tricks that will keep you beautiful and sparkly all winter long.

Changes in Overall Routine

It is quite obvious to realize that switching from one season to another can bring its perks and changes in one’s routine. Some factors also depend on your age, skin and hair type, stress levels, etc. If we discuss skin, then despite the factors, your routine should be based upon how your skin is responding. If you have oily skin, you are at an advantage as the natural oils will help the winds not rip the moisture off your face; instead, they will maintain it. However, if you have dry or normal skin, then you’ll find your skin extra flaky and not hydrated. 

Sunscreens are essential to keep your skin from losing its shine and keep skin issues such as skin cancer at bay. Also, if you live in an area where it snows often, sunscreens will help your skin since snow bounces the harmful rays back at your face. Apart from the high levels of humidity that highly contribute to the frizz in hair, in winters, your hair may look straight, dull, and pretty much lifeless. If you are dealing with static electricity, a hair cream would be a good option. 

Also, in winters, you can end up with an itchy scalp and dandruff. You can deal with this by using a moisturizing shampoo and avoiding scratching your scalp with long fingernails, which will aggravate your dandruff.

Winter Tips for Skin Care

As for skincare in winter, here are some tips that you can add or adjust to your regime. Keep in mind that all is to be done according to your skin type. It would help if you didn’t do anything that could potentially harm or damage your skin.

1. Stay Hydrated

Even though you might not feel like drinking a lot of water in winter, you must keep yourself hydrated to avoid breakouts on your skin, as our body is made up of 60% of water. Therefore, you must drink ample amounts to maintain a healthy-looking glow throughout the day.

2. Avoid Hot Showers

everyone likes showering with warm, hot water in winter. But alas, it has a quite damaging effect on the delicate skin of your face. It would be best to opt for lukewarm water showers since too much hot water can strip you of your moisture. To prevent problems such as winter eczema, you must use a gentle moisturizer after your shower.

3. Get a Humidifier

It is most likely that people stay indoors during winters, with their heaters blasting. Unfortunately, indoor heaters can rip off your natural oils that maintain the moisture on your face. A humidifier, in such cases, works just fine. It replaces that moisture and helps in keeping your natural oils intact.

4. Choose the Correct Skin Care Products

It’s certainly not possible that whatever products you use in summers would help you in winters too. That is why it is essential to ensure that your winter skincare regime has various other products. The key is to buy mild products. If you happen to have extra-sensitive skin, then you should talk to your doctor or a dermatologist.

You can also go for soothing facials according to your skincare type. Such relaxing facials can get rid of the impurities sitting on your face, get rid of clogged pores, and leave your skin smooth and winter-ready.

Winter Tips for Hair Care

Now that we have discussed skincare, let’s learn some effective tips for your hair for the chilly winter season.

1. Don’t Shampoo Daily

You would have to cut back on shampooing your hair daily. For starters, just like the harsh products that can rip off the moisture from your face, shampooing your day every day can rip off the natural oils in your hair that keep that itchy dandruff off.  Instead of washing daily, you can wash your hair every other day. In addition, to keep your hair smelling nice at all times and non-greasy, you can implement the use of dry shampoos.

2. Opt for a Good Conditioner

When you are washing your hair, make sure that you use the conditioner that suits your hair. Use a conditioner that helps in repairing damage and locking in the moisture. Again, if you are unaware of what products to use, consult your hairstylist.

3. Use a Leave-in Hair Serum

If you feel as if your hair is still dry or dull, you can use a leave-in hair serum as a conditioner, or you can even apply some oil to your hair right after a shower. Put a small amount of that serum or oil in the damp ends of your hair to have silky, smooth hair all day.

4. Dry Your Hair

Make sure that your hair is completely dry before heading out. You can even cover your hair if it is wet for further protection. Wet hair is prone to damage and can cause split ends in your hair. Having a hair mask day wouldn’t be that bad either.


After reading this article, we’re dearly hoping that getting prepped for winter wouldn’t seem hard, and those pretty skincare and hair goals won’t seem unachievable. If you follow these tricks during winters, you’ll remain beautiful and fabulous all season long. 

Aside from all the tips mentioned, it would help not to neglect your lips as well. Make sure that you wear a lip balm all the time to prevent your lips from getting dry and chapped.  Moreover, go for gentle makeup products that enhance your outfit and overall look. During winters, you can wear loads of fluffy and warm clothes that are in trend to look fabulous.