Pregnancy is labelled as one of the most challenging jobs to fulfil on earth and, undoubtedly, can only be carried out by women. For most women, this revelation comes like a surprise, and for some, it’s not something that makes them happy, however, in this article, we will be looking at the early pregnancy symptoms and, most importantly, at the 14 DPO.

Most couples struggling to get pregnant may be aware of the 14 days or two weeks waiting period after ovulation has successfully taken place. If you wonder if the abbreviation (DPO) is some crazy medical term, it’s not.

 DPO, better known as Days Past Ovulation, is just a term more commonly used by women trying to conceive. It is a vital milestone to be achieved, as the results around this time are the most authentic. Not only will you receive the best output about your ovulation, but this time is also when your body starts signalling and giving out the signs whether you are pregnant or not.

Symptoms of Pregnancy at 14 DOP

Before discussing the major signs and symptoms, you must remember that all signs vary. You may not have the same symptoms as the other women (who are pregnant), and that is completely normal.

You must understand that all such signs that persist or occur solely depend on the hormonal activity and changes in your body. Thus, each body having different hormonal activity will present different symptoms and signs.

1. Cramps

One of the classic signs of pregnancy is cramping. Light uterine or abdominal cramping, accompanied by moderate bleeding, is defined as implantation bleeding. This bleeding usually occurs around the two-week time stamp and when the egg is fertilised in the uterus lining.

In addition, cramping and implantation bleeding happens when a woman gets her period. Hence, it is easily confused with the period’s arrival. It is said to last somewhere around a couple of days or weeks. Apart from the bleeding, some women also experience a milky, white-coloured discharge that may continue throughout the pregnancy. This is harmless, but if it comes with an odour or irritation, you must visit a doctor as you could potentially have a bacterial or yeast infection.

2. Exhaustion

Feeling extreme tiredness, exhaustion, and lightheadedness are also marked as early pregnancy signs at 14 DPO. Due to some hormonal changes in the body, fatigue strikes. Not only does a woman feel tired, but she also feels sleepy all the time. The real reason why sleepiness and exhaustion overtakes is because of the rise of the hormone known as progesterone. Another reason why tiredness is common is the extra production of blood to aid the foetus growing within.

Since the cells carry a lot of oxygen to the placenta to support an entire life system, feeling occasionally dizzy is also typical.

3. Breast Tenderness

Another symptom of early pregnancy at the 14 DPO mark is breast tenderness. Though sore breasts are commonly a normal period symptom, you may also have them if you are in the stage of early pregnancy. At 14 DPO, you are also most likely to notice your nipples being turned into a darker shade of colour. Thanks to the now advancing activity of hormones in your body, discomfort in your breasts will peak in the starting days.

After your body has adjusted to the hormonal changes, the soreness in your breasts will also decrease. However, this breast swelling indicates the milk supply being prepared for the little one in the belly. Thus, your breasts may also feel a lot heavier and full.

4. Frequent Urination

This early sign of pregnancy is most likely the most uncomfortable one. The extra trips to the restroom will manifest themselves quite often. Due to the large buildup of hormones and fluids going through your body, the kidneys’ of a pregnant woman are working at their highest maintenance, ensuring that all waste materials are out of the system efficiently.

That is why it is essential for a woman at the early stage to make sure that she is hydrated enough since dehydration can cause several problems to arise. This is when the doctor will most likely ask you to step up your water intake and ensure the consumption of at least eight ounces of glasses every day.

5. Intense Food Cravings

By now, it is pretty clear that pregnancy is mainly about a bunch of hormones going wild in a woman’s body. But, once again, thanks to the hormones being activated, you may develop an intense craving for specific food items. Alongside having developed a love for specific food items, you’ll become highly sensitive to some smells and food as well. As a result, you’ll also find yourself eating food that you never thought you would. Like the white discharge, food cravings are also bound to continue throughout the pregnancy.

Lastly, another symptom that most women experience is known as morning sickness. The urge to throw up first thing in the morning is quite frequent. The constant throwing up may be blamed on mixing the hormones; therefore, small but constant meals should be incorporated into the woman’s diet.

Accuracy of Early Signs at 14 DPO

a happy woman looking at the ovulation kit

According to major sources, the luteal phase is approximately 14 days, i.e. two weeks. Therefore, it is possible to get a positive pregnancy test. However, it solely depends on the implantation of the fertilised egg. Most women wonder if this is the correct time to take a blood or urine pregnancy test. Though this test can be taken during early pregnancy, having a negative result is higher. That is because your body starts producing the hormone called hCG after the egg completely implants in the uterine lining.

Furthermore, another way to tell whether the spotting is from your implantation or period is that your flow will be lighter than your period, and you’ll experience a trailer of your pregnancy symptoms beforehand.


At 14 DPO, it is very much likely that you could be pregnant if you experience any of these early pregnancy symptoms in full go. If you suspect that you are pregnant, it is better to take a test and pay a visit to your doctor. If you wish to get even more authentic results, it is best to wait for a week before getting your hopes too high.