If you’re currently pregnant and are nearing your 18th week, get ready for some old wives’ folklore!

There are many myths and tales when it comes to determining the sex of your baby. They can be related to your appetite or the shape of your belly – but they do not offer a solid answer. Let us walk you through all of these early signs and tell you the truth about each one of them!

Enter The World Of Embryology 

Certain steps ensure if your baby will be a boy or a girl, but the gender of your baby is decided the moment you conceive. 

But before that, what determines that you’re going to have a boy or a girl?

Father Is Responsible For Either A Boy Or Girl

How? Well, don’t worry – we will break it down for you.

An ovary consists of XX chromosomes, whereas the male sperm may carry an X or Y chromosome. If the sperm has the Y chromosome after fusing with the ovary, they will form XY, which is the gene code for a boy. But if it is carrying an X chromosome – that’s right, it’s a girl!

How Are Sexual Organs Formed?

In the 4th week of embryonic life, the genital ridge (also known as the undifferentiated gonad) makes an appearance. It is known to be “bipotential”, i.e. it has the potential to either become a testis or ovary.

Till the 7th week, the genital ridge is sexually indifferent. However, the presence of the SRY gene directs the process into the development of testis, and its absence does the opposite (i.e. ensures the development of an ovary).

The presence of AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) and testosterone determine the development of seminal vesicles, epididymis, ejaculatory ducts, vas deferens, penis and scrotum. And the absence of these hormones boosts the formation of fallopian tubes, uterus, the upper third of the vagina. Unlike males, no hormonal stimulation is needed for the development of female external genitalia.

Get Ready for Some Old Wives’ Tales!


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Pregnancy is a magical time! It’s very challenging, and the hormonal imbalance is crazy – but most couples make the most of it, which is the right thing to do.

One of the most magical and heart-warming occasions in this magical ride is when you get to know about the baby’s sex. But before that day arrives, your mother, colleague, or the neighbour lady with four kids, might start to bombard you with what they’ve learned from experience and honestly, it could be a bit misleading. 

However, there’s no harm in going through them and checking if they are scientifically authentic or not. 

Signs That It’s A Girl

Here are a few signs that might or might not mean that you’re having a girl:

1. Excessive Morning Sickness

It’s said that if your morning sickness (i.e. nausea and vomiting) is severe, then you might be carrying a baby girl. This is so because female fetuses secrete more hCG (pregnancy hormone) than male fetuses, causing excessive morning sickness.

2. You’re Carrying High

According to some old wives, if you’re carrying high, you will probably have a girl. However, there’s no scientific truth to this theory.

3. Dull Skin And Damaged Hair

Now, this is an interesting one. If you develop acne on your face or your hair loses its shine and looks dull, then you might be having a baby girl.

It’s like, your baby girl stole your beauty. That’s a bummer.

4. You Crave Sugar

It’s a theory that women who eat more chocolates and sweets are most likely to have a baby girl.

Isn’t that a sweet little myth?

5. Lines on Your Belly

According to theorists, if the linea nigra (the line running in the middle) only runs up to your belly button, it means that you will give birth to a girl.

Signs That It’s A Boy

Let’s take a look at the signs that scream – it’s a boy!

1. Craving for Salty Foods

Do you have a strong desire to eat all kinds of salty, savoury foods? That’s normal, all thanks to the hormonal imbalance.

However, there is pretty intriguing folklore of the old wives that eating salty dishes means that you will have a boy! Of course, it’s only a theory, but who knows?

2. You’re Carrying Low

Like it has been mentioned in the girls’ section, carrying a low or a lower bump probably means that you are carrying a baby boy!

Your baby bump is determined by your abdominal muscles, the number of pregnancies you have had, your physical condition and your total weight gain during pregnancy.

3. Position of Lines on Your Body

If your linea nigra runs past the belly button up towards the ribs, then it means that you are possibly going to have a boy.

4. Plump Skin & Lustrous Hair

Unlike baby girls, baby boys don’t damage your hair or cause your skin to break out. However, there has been no scientific research to back this claim.


It wouldn’t be correct to render all of these signs wrong because at the end of the day – who knows if they turn out to be true? However, an ultrasound or other relevant medical tests can give you a definitive answer. Wouldn’t it be better to start shopping for either pink or blue nursery decorations after a confirmed test?