The fact that we grow old and lose our beauty is a reality some people have difficulty accepting. For example, wrinkles on the forehead may make you seem more senior than you are.  Over the years, there have been ways to prevent the sagging of the skin in areas such as the forehead. However, it is essential to understand that forehead wrinkles are a normal and unavoidable part of ageing.

The real reason such wrinkles on the forehead tend to appear with age is that we lose collagen. Therefore, this highly contributes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally and is responsible for maintaining the skin and keeping it firm. Although the cause of the skin losing its elasticity is the decrease in collagen, some environmental factors such as exposure to the sun can make you look way older than your actual age. In this article, we will look at some of the options and techniques through which you can keep your skin forever evergreen. After reading this article, you’ll realise how most of your daily habits negatively affect the skin. 

Let’s discover more of these ways and hacks!

Causes of Forehead Wrinkles  

There won’t be any use of skincare tips and hacks for your forehead if you don’t understand what causes them. As the skin starts to wear down and the collagen production also stops, human factors come into play to prevent the skin from looking young, fresh, and glowing. Some of these unhealthy habits include improper diet, heavy smoking, exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, and not applying sunscreen when heading outdoors. Apart from these, some genetic issues and constant frowning can also invite these worry lines. Raising the frontalis on the forehead is when the muscles contract when we raise our eyebrows. Some people are pretty expressive and raise their eyebrows too much. While the skin is in its form and young, it will easily counter tackle it, but it won’t be the same as you grow older.

In addition to all the causes stated, another factor that has the most effect is stress. Managing stress can be challenging for anyone. Since worrying eventually leads you to wrinkle your brows, this further leads to forehead wrinkles. Though it is quite a hassle, it is essential to tackle the crippling stress through either meditating or doing exercises that relax your body, such as yoga.

Ways to Tone down Forehead Wrinkles 

Before discussing ways and methods to reduce and tone forehead wrinkles, one must understand the following clearly. Forehead wrinkles aren’t something you can completely get rid of. That is why you must bear realistic expectations while either following a thorough skin routine or doing something solely for your forehead wrinkles.

1. Do Facial Exercises 

Performing facial exercises or massaging your face can significantly impact your face muscles if done with consistency. Such activity promises increased blood flow, alleviates the crushing feeling of stress, and redistributes the skin’s moisture.  Apply light pressure in an upward and downward motion. This ensures collagen production and a smoother skin tone. You can even go for face yoga; if you would like to perform an entire set of exercises for your face.

2. Wear a Sunscreen Daily 

Whenever one heads out of their homes, ultraviolet rays (UV rays) attack the skin with their deadly rays, create havoc, decrease collagen production, and fasten the ageing process. However, applying sunscreen helps a lot. Not only do sunscreens help in preventing forehead wrinkles, but they also protect against various skin cancers. Hence, it would be best to start applying sunscreen with a range of SPF. 

If you happen to have a fairer skin tone, you are at a higher risk of getting such wrinkles on your forehead due to a lack of melanin (skin’s natural pigment); and thus should wear sunscreen daily.

3. Say No to Smoking

If health problems such as lung cancer aren’t enough to make you stop smoking, maybe the fear of losing your physical beauty would. Smoking is the leading cause why some people age before time. Nicotine is one of the most dangerous elements found in cigarettes. It reduces the oxygen flow and nutrients to the skin, causing the skin to lose its firmness and forms annoying forehead wrinkles.  Constant smoking can also break collagen, making forehead wrinkles pretty visible. The longer you continue smoking, the higher you increase the risk of premature ageing.

4. Use a Moisturiser 

Once you start ageing, the skin isn’t as good at retaining moisture. As a result of such carelessness, the skin becomes dehydrated, which causes those unwanted fine lines to be more noticeable. 

You can fight back such forehead wrinkles by constantly moisturising and keeping your skin 24/7 hydrated. Serums or moisturisers containing hyaluronic acid can create a soothing and plump effect. Moreover, you can also start consuming a healthy, balanced diet. You must have heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, in this case, this statement is a hundred per cent accurate. 


The secret to keeping evergreen skin is uncomplicated. You have to look after it. If you desire skin with no forehead wrinkles or doesn’t sag, you must give it the proper attention. More options to look after your skin could be, trying new facial treatments, managing stress levels efficiently, carrying out exercises that relax the body such as yoga, and encouraging the use of wrinkle frère creams such as Retinol. Forehead wrinkles, in specific, are caused by numerous factors such as being stressed, being a heavy smoker, not looking after your health in general, and not designating a proper skincare routine itself. 

In cases where you feel as if nothing is working to minimise the appearance of your wrinkles, then you must consult a doctor. Your doctor may recommend Botox – if needles don’t scare you.  Botox is a type of medicine made from botulinum toxin. When injected into muscles, it paralyses them so they can’t contract. That means if you frown, there won’t be any lines formed on your forehead. Unfortunately, Botox isn’t for everyone and can have uncommon side effects such as headaches and swelling or pain in the injection area.

Nevertheless, you must take care of your skin if you don’t want to end up with forehead wrinkles way before your time. If you don’t know what to do, you should seek medical help as professionals will help you out better.