Welcoming a little one into the world isn’t something that trivial or straightforward. It is a long and tiring journey of 9 months where the woman is responsible for carrying the baby. 

However, there are loads of new experiences that the woman goes through and one of them is best known as pregnancy cravings. If you want to eat weird food combos that you wouldn’t dare to even look at in real life, know that’s when the cravings have kicked in. 

Nevertheless, in this article, we will look up the different aspects of pregnancy, how they affect a woman’s life who bears the pain of carrying the baby till her delivery, and how pregnancy cravings can get a woman to eat even the foods she never thought of having. 

Even though morning sickness is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy, these natural cravings can also happen in week one of being pregnant. 

So without further delay, let’s discover what pregnancy mood swings are when they start happening, some bizarre combos, and how to handle these uncontrollable cravings. 


If you happen to be pregnant and are curious to know when these cravings kick in and begin to control your thoughts, you will get to know them pretty soon. In some cases, pregnancy cravings are an early sign, but it usually starts near the 12th week on average stats. 

Imagine enjoying the company of your baby bump or trying to kill time by doing productive activities, and suddenly you have this intense craving for ice cream and pickles.

Doesn’t it sound like something you wouldn’t even dare to eat in your typical day-to-day life? Yet, this is how weird and exciting pregnancy cravings can be.  

Aside from the consistent food cravings, food aversions can tag along and arrive like uninvited guests. These food aversions can lead to nausea and, in some cases, an upset stomach. 

Some of the typical aversions that women develop are usually in response to the smell and sight of raw or even cooked meat. 

What Causes Pregnancy Cravings?

As seen in almost all pregnancies, it is customary to crave odd combinations of food items that make zero sense.  

Researchers and doctors have concluded that there isn’t any specific reason why females crave certain flavours, textures, and food combinations. However, many doctors believe that constant hormonal fluctuations might be the culprit. 

Another reason behind the consistent cravings could be the extra work happening in your body to produce more blood supply for the baby. At times these cravings could be beneficial for the body, but they mostly tend to favour unhealthy choices. 

Nevertheless, the reason you would like a specific combo would be just the comfort and pleasant feelings it brings to your body.  

Typical Pregnancy Cravings 

Now that we have discussed pregnancy cravings in detail, let’s discover the fun part of pregnancy cravings. 

We have listed some common pregnancy cravings that most women like to eat when carrying their little ones. 

Generally stated, pregnancy cravings are harmless, personal, and quite exciting for some new moms to be. But below, we are displaying some of the food items often eaten during this period. 

These cravings will last until the third trimester; therefore, it is better to have a breakdown. 

1. Dairy 

Dairy products contain both calcium and sugar making them quite tempting. This explains the urge to want to have countless tubs of ice cream. 

If you are concerned about wanting to opt for ice cream, then you could go for frozen yoghurt that is low in calories and will satisfy your craving. 

2. Sweets

If you are pregnant and constantly near sweets and sugary food, you guessed it. Having a sweet tooth during pregnancy is quite normal.  

You’ll want to have food items such as chocolates, candies, sodas, and even fresh fruits. Even though fresh fruits are a nutritious option- chocolates and other sweeteners won’t cause harm if eaten in check. 

3. Fast Food

Fast food is the unhealthiest option on the list. However, some soon-to-be moms will most likely crave some delicious pizza or a hot and steaming Chinese takeout. 

Some doctors and researchers claim that this is just the body’s way of demanding extra calories and an intake of sodium in their bodies. Similarly, you should avoid spicy foods, too, if you are suffering from an upset stomach or heartburn. 

4. Red Meat 

Many people experience a strong aversion when it comes to red meat. However, while some have a strong dislike in response to red meat, some women crave it intensely.


Usually, this specific craving could be hormonal fluctuations or low blood levels. However, just like taking sweets should be considered, so should the intake of red meat. 

For better insight, it is better to contact a professional healthcare provider or a doctor to keep a check on your nutrient consumption. 

5. Pica

Pica is a condition where pregnant women crave non-edible things such as clay, dirt, burnt matches, or the most common one, i.e. ice. 

However, the actual reason why pica occurs remains unclear. Nevertheless, if you are pregnant and drawn to weird and toxic materials, it would be best to consult your doctor and talk thoroughly. 


If your morning sickness and food aversions seem to get severe and uncomfortable as time goes on, it would be wise to consult a healthcare professional or doctor. 

Even if you plan on sticking to one of your favourite snacks with every meal, it would be best to pay attention to and keep track of how many you’re munching on.

Though most doctors would encourage the eating process during your pregnancy, a consistent diet of unhealthy foods high in sugar, dangerous chemicals, and high salt levels would lead to numerous problems that will eventually hurt the little one growing inside of you. 

Apart from all that, you must go for regular check-ups on your baby. So ensure you follow all the instructions given by your doctor.