An underarm rash? We know it doesn’t sound pleasant.

However, there is nothing to be ashamed about because people of all ages and cultures suffer from an underarm rash. Your armpits are the hidden areas of your baby, and specific allergens, irritants, or even excessive heat can allow the inflammation to develop there.

It’s not something to worry about because the rash usually subsides in a week or so. But, if it’s incredibly itchy, uncomfortable and isn’t going away – then you should consult a healthcare professional.

Only a doctor, especially a dermatologist, can understand the type of rash you’re suffering from and treat it accordingly. Therefore, if you’re currently suffering from a prolonged underarm rash right now or develop rashes once in a while, be wise and visit a doctor.

But before you do book an appointment, there is no harm in reading about your condition a little. We will tell you the causes of underarm rashes, home remedies to calm them down, and the possible treatment plans.

What Are The Causes Of Underarm Rash?

It’s not easy to figure out the actual cause of underarm rash without medical consultation because there are numerous causes behind this issue. They can either be deodorants, microorganisms or simply your immune system going frenzy. Some of the causes behind underarm rash are:

1. Eczema

One of the most common causes of an underarm rash can be eczema. It is also known as atopic dermatitis and begins during childhood.

You can find it affecting the palm, elbows, underarms, and back of the knees in the form of an itchy, red rash. In addition, it can crust over and cause intense irritation.

Treatment: It’s a medical condition that needs to be corrected by a doctor. They will probably prescribe you lotions and creams to soothe the irritation.

2. Climate

The climate is another culprit when it comes to underarm rash, that’s for sure. Armpit rashes are usually prevalent during hot, humid weather because this causes the build-up of excessive sweat in your skin folds. This causes irritation and trapping of bacteria or viruses that may lead to a rash.

Treatment: You should try investing in high-end antiperspirant deodorants to prevent you from sweating excessively hence protecting you from the underarm rash.

3. Contact Dermatitis

It’s one of the types of eczema which is triggered by a specific substance. It could be the new soap you switched to or the recent body perfume that you bought. In contact dermatitis, your skin will be irritated and dry, just like in eczema.

Treatment: Figure out the recent changes in your habits or anything new you just started to use.


4. Tight Clothing

You might want to throw out all the clothing items that don’t fit you. But, wonder, why are we asking you to do this? This is because tight clothing allows the sweat to build up quite quickly in your skin folds, especially your underarms.

Tight clothing may lead to the chaffing of skin which is characterised by red, swollen skin that stings and burns, causing immense discomfort.

Treatment: Evaluate your closet and throw out or donate (if they are in good condition) all those clothes that don’t fit you anymore. You might want to go shopping after a thorough closet-cleansing, though.

5. Candida

Well, this microorganism pops too often, doesn’t it?

Candida can lead to a fungal infection of the armpits. If this happens, your skin will suffer from intense itching. Your skin can also be swollen, scaly, or incredibly red upon inspection. This infection can occur in anyone who is not hygienic or wears very tight clothing.

Treatment: Since it is an infection, you would have to go to a doctor for proper treatment. However, to avoid contracting this disease, you might want to wear clean, loose clothes, take a shower regularly and not wear tight clothing.

6. Psoriasis

Another skin infection is thought to arise when there is a problem with your immune system. Psoriasis can manifest in different ways; however, the most common type is plaque psoriasis which causes the skin to be scaly, red and itchy.

There are many triggers for this infection, such as weather conditions, alcohol consumption, stress, severe burns, etc. Therefore, it is incredibly essential to manage this problem with care and caution. If not, then it can lead to severe complications.

Treatment: There is no cure for psoriasis and can only be managed conservatively. You should consult your doctor if you are suffering from such a rash, and once diagnosed – you should take care of your skin to prevent any problematic events.

How Can I Manage This Problem?


woman having hot shower


Most of the underarm rashes are not something to be scared of. If you follow the right set of instructions, the rash usually resolves on its own with time.

Here are a few treatment tips that you can go for if you’re currently suffering from an armpit rash:

  • Use over the counter medications or creams for the rash
  • Take warm baths to settle the inflammation and itching
  • Stop yourself from scratching the rash and use a soft cloth gently rub on it
  • Use cold compresses or put ice on your rash
  • Try not to sweat and keep yourself cool at all times
  • Wear loose clothing

Specific skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and others will require more than this. It can be antibiotics to steroidal creams or even antifungal medications depending upon the aetiology of the disease.

When To Visit The Doctor?

If anything of the following happens, along with your underarm rash, it would be better to visit a healthcare professional as soon as possible:

  • OTC medications show no response
  • Rash spreads to the eye area, genitals or anywhere else in the body
  • Your neck starts to become rigid or stiff
  • Rash with fever and blisters
  • Sudden appearance of joint pain after the rash


An underarm rash can go from “it’s really nothing” to “I have a skin problem” in only a few days. It can arise because of the weather, or it can be an immune problem. Whatever the case is, armpit rash is manageable. With the right lifestyle changes and clean habits, you can avoid this problem for sure!