Did you know that face yoga can help you build muscles, prevent wrinkles and make you look a couple of years younger? Does that sound too good to be true? Well, for everyone curious, yes.

Just like our bodies that require consistent workouts, your face needs one too. Hence, in today’s article, we’ll discuss face yoga, whether or not face yoga exercises are helpful and what exercises you should do daily to see a distinct difference.

So let’s get into it!

What Is Face Yoga?

Face yoga involves massages and exercises that stimulate the skin and muscles. It improvises these techniques as they are designed to soften and relax your face muscles to alleviate stress, tension and worry.

Face yoga has proven effective as you are working out, the facial muscles tend to build. However, all of these results shall come with a price. The price is your time. If you aren’t steady with your daily routine, you will lose all your hard work in a few days.

The face yoga classes compromise various activities and exercises that are of good 30 minutes. Moreover, not only does face yoga help with your face muscles and workout, but they also help in neck pain, headaches and snoring.


Is Face Yoga Effective?

Although there hasn’t been much scientific research on whether face yoga is effective, there have been devotees and women who tried out the demanding routine. Users claim that the exercises have indeed proven to be compelling and that they noticed a considerable change.

You must stick to the regimen like glue if you wish to see results that shall blow away your mind. However, if you are afraid of going under the knife and yet want that look, this is for you. It’s a natural solution to regain or form facial muscles and receive results almost like you had a facelift.

Like any other workout, face yoga includes a warm-up to give your sleeping facial muscles an instant kick! Achieve your youthful beauty by choosing a great alternative to harmful procedures like Botox and plastic surgery.

5 Magical Face Yoga Exercises


a woman doing facial exercises


Following are the five magical face yoga exercises that have been widely practised and are pretty effective:

1. The Double V Exercise:

The Double V is a safer option than having an eyelift, that’s for sure!

  • To do the Double V exercise, you must first make the peace sign with both of your hands. 
  • Then, place your middle fingers on the inner side of your eyebrows and the index fingers on the outer side of your eyebrows.
  • Next, apply pressure with soft tips on both ends and direct your face upwards while squinting. 

Repeat this set of exercises 8 times to achieve that optimum level. Moreover, the Double V exercise is helpful if you happen to have droopy eyes or lines spreading out of the corners of your eyelids.

2. The Double Chin Slimmer:

If you feel as if the proportion of your face couldn’t get better, but your double chin ruins it all, the double chin slimmer is the friend you need. 

  • To do the double chin slimmer, you must relax your shoulders and look towards the ceiling. 
  • Next, you should stretch your lower lip above your upper lip and maintain your posture. 
  • You can constantly switch between lip stretching and tongue popping after you practice each for 5 seconds.

Repeat the exercise three times, and make sure you keep the chin extended at all times. It would be best if you were doing this about two times a day.

3. The Neck Lifter:

This one won’t disappoint for sure!

Throughout the facial yoga exercises, it is better not to leave this one. If you feel you are focusing way too much on your face and need a bit of stretching for your neck, the neck lifter is the one!

  • Take your neck back enough to feel a stretch in your neck, ensure that you aren’t pulling that hard. 
  • Next, suck your lower lip towards the outer side to heighten the stretch.
  • Finally, place your fingers on the side of the neck and take them down to your collarbone.

This exercise will aid in your sagging neck and jawline. To get to that, you must repeat the intended exercise five times, and you’ll feel no need to get that costly and time-consuming neck lift.

4. The Forehead Flattener:

You can’t leave forehead exercises when it comes to face yoga. If you want to smooth the lines of the forehead, the forehead flattener does wonders!

  • First, make a wrist with both of your hands. 
  • Next, place the knuckles of your middle fingers in between your forehead.
  • Apply adequate pressure to your forehead and slide the fingers from the centre to your temples.

Repeat the exercise six times and see a visible change in fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead that don’t seem to fade no matter what you do. So instead of getting those expensive Botox injections, try this! You’ll be stunned!

5. The “O” Face:

If there is an exercise that you’ll love doing, it is the “O” face exercise!

  • For this, you need to form an “O” shape with your mouth as if you are holding your favourite snack. 
  • Next, put your fingers on each of your two cheekbones. 
  • Lightly lift and lower your cheeks while maintaining that “O” position. 

If you don’t like your face bloated, make sure you repeat this exercise ten times a day. It may sound a lot, but it is going to be worth it. In addition, you can pair this exercise with your skincare products that will help you fight that ageing phenomenon.


If you wish to have that natural lift of your face at the comfort of your home, then face yoga is the solution in town! However, instead of going through those painful procedures, it is better to invest your time in these five exercises we have narrowed down for you.