Yoga has cemented in its legacy of being an effective tool to lose weight, strengthen muscles, and, most importantly, bring the feeling of peace and tranquillity overall. Some individual poses aren’t as slow and meditative as some people state. Instead, they help make the muscles in the abs and core more muscular than ever, along with balance.

Some people who aren’t that involved with yoga practices claim that yoga poses are composed of easy exercises that solely promote relaxation and nothing more. To some extent, this statement is true, as some forms or types of yoga, such as facial yoga poses, are easier to perform. However, some yoga poses can target such muscles you never knew existed. The diverse styles of yoga can make one break sweat in buckets. The core area in the human body is located between the pelvic region and the diaphragm. The core area’s main job is to protect and safeguard the spine. It also holds the spine in place—all the muscles in the area coordinate to achieve balance.

However, you must perform a total body strengthening exercise as it is essential for overall fitness, health, and especially for all the weaker areas in the body. However, doing region-focused exercises aid in correcting muscle imbalances that work on your more vulnerable areas. 

Nevertheless, in today’s article, we will look at some of the yoga poses that strictly focus on your core muscles and strengthen them as well.

The Boat Pose

If you happen to be a beginner, the standard yoga poses to enhance your core muscles is the boat pose.

Step # 01:

The first step for any yoga poses that you will perform is an exercise mat. Next, you must sit and have your legs extended out in front of you.

Step # 02:

Sit up to lengthen the spinal cord (spine), and start leaning back while trying not to bend your knees. It would be best if you kept leaning back until you could lift your legs off the floor and make a V-shape.

Step # 03:

Try to keep your legs lifted, and stretch your hands out to the knees to maintain the position. Hold the posture for 3 to 5 minutes. Remember to take deep breaths and engage your muscles while exhaling.

Benefits of Boat Pose

The V-shaped boat pose is a great starting point to build the core muscles. This pose is a stationary pose that improves stability and mobility. It’s OK if you can’t have your legs entirely straight in the first go. Since most of us work from our tables and desks, it leads to tight hamstrings.

The Plank Pose

The plank pose is one of the fundamental yoga poses perfect for developing arm and core strength. Yoga poses that target the abs especially are quite heating which helps in raising one’s metabolism and the body’s digestive system.

Step # 01:

Get down on all your fours, ensuring that your shoulders are in the proper lining with your wrists, with your elbows bent on the floor, and resting on your forearms.

Step # 02:

You must make sure that your hips aren’t too lifted; instead, they should also be in line with the rest of the body. A straight line should form starting from the head towards the heels. Keep your arms and core engaged and tight.

Step # 03:

If you wish, you can straighten your elbows as the weight will now shift on your hands and come in a high plank position. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds to a minute if you happen to be a beginner; however, you can go longer if you have enough strength.

Benefits of Plank Pose

Plank poses are beneficial for tightening the core and losing weight overall but are highly effective in toning down the unwanted belly fat and thigh fat. If you do other plank poses, such as the side and the twisted plank pose, you’ll achieve core stability and a good body shape a lot earlier.

The Bridge Pose

Apart from the abdominal exercises, you must pay equal attention to back exercises. Therefore, you can build your back muscles, starting with yoga poses such as the Bridge Pose.

Step # 01:

You can start this yoga pose by lying on your back with your knees bent. You should align your knees to be directly over your feet for good support.

Step # 02:

After transferring the power to your hands, use all your strength to lift your hips off the floor. Once you are mid-air while maintaining the pressure in your hands, form a 90-degree angle.

Step # 03:

Now that you have held the position, remember to take deep breaths and maintain the posture for a minute. Once you get used to the yoga pose, you must extend the number of seconds you hold the posture.

Benefits of Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is an excellent yoga pose to perform after having a long day of just sitting at your office or study desk. Since the muscles in the back are being put to work, your spine is getting stronger, supporting the core.

The Warrior Pose

The warrior pose, also known as the victorious warrior pose, is just a variation of the typical yoga pose, the side-angle pose.

Step # 01:

Take your right foot and stretch it in front of the left one. Your knees would be bent, and your left leg would be right behind it. You’ll find yourself in a lunge position.

Step # 02:

Now that your torso is in the left position, put your arms over your feet; parallel to your legs. You can lift your hands in the air starting from the right one.

Step # 03:

It would help if you lifted your hands over your head, creating a V-shape while holding the posture. By doing so, all the core muscles will be automatically activated. Focus on exhaling as you should highlight your abdominal contractions. Breathe and maintain the pose for two minutes to three.


Even though performing yoga poses may seem like a piece of cake, they aren’t. When carrying out core exercises, it’s wise to pay attention to the flow and movements. While these poses may look simple to do, if you happen to be pregnant, sick, or injured, then you should talk to your doctor before doing any of the poses. Whether you are getting started in yoga or have been practicing it for years, incorporating yoga poses that work specifically for the core will maintain overall fitness and prove fruitful for your yoga practice too. Having a robust core not only improves your posture but it ensures that you can go on to do challenging poses such as the tree and crow pose.

Hence, research a bit on the internet before including it as your exercise regime. Remember to follow all the instructions to make the most out of your time and achieve a high-functioning spine.